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“The Zone”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Zone.”

May, 2015. Brownsville, Texas, U.S.A. Copyright © Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley and/or SurelySherley), 2015.
May, 2015. Brownsville, Texas, U.S.A. Copyright © Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley and/or SurelySherley), 2015.

An instance when I feel i’m in, “The Zone,” is during a run on a beautiful, Texan, summer day. Being kissed by the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze carrying the water from the resaca and brushing against my skin, the smell of freshly blooming jasmine flowers, the gentle gliding of colorful birds, the clear blue skies, the crispness in the air, my favorite songs joyfully filling my ears from the music player, the excited puppies in the yards wagging their tails upon my sight, the movement of my body feeling lighter with each step, the fruity taste upon my lips from my lip balm—makes me feel so in love with the moment. Not realizing I had been running for over two hours, my mind craved to keep going. I felt completely free. I felt completely at peace. It was my zone.

– Surely, Sherley

Copyright © Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley and/or SurelySherley), 2015.


I dedicate this poem to my dear little brother, Arnold, whom we lost 17 years back, when he was only an infant. Not a day goes by without his thought, and not a day goes by where we don’t rejoice his life. Although he was only in our lives for a mere four months, his love, strength, and smile has lasted since. We love you, Sunny, you were and forever are a Sunshine in this big sister’s life.


your “Akkum”

Copyright © Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley and/or SurelySherley), 2014.
My younger brother, Arnold, with my mother back in 1996. Copyright © Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley and/or SurelySherley), 2014.


I search the soul of my brother,

Which we had lost forever.

I search for it at moonlight,

And at the day break of sunlight.

I believe that he is with God and angels,

Exuding laughter that mimics the sound of bangles.

This soul passes through the gentle breeze,

And runs up and down through the blue seas.

It passes through the green meadows,

And slides through the dark shadows.

He speaks with angels on his way,

Which I cannot see by my own way.

This soul hears the clouds thundering,

With the rain water pouring.

This soul senses what I cannot,

But it touches all my thoughts.

Our life is a temporary show,

But the heavenly souls take an eternal glow.

Even though I cannot see his soul,

His memories fill the void and make me whole.

– Surely, Sherley

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Copyright © Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley and/or SurelySherley), 2014.

An Indian American’s perspective on the pursuit of India’s global recognition

The 2014 general election taking place in India to constitute the 16th Lok Sabha (the lower house of the Indian Parliament), with a whopping current electoral population of 814.5 million, largest in the world, according to the Election Commission of India, really got me to reflect about my Indian heritage and my American growth.

Being an Indian born American citizen living in the United States for over seventeen years, I find myself in a unique cross-roads- balancing Indian values and seizing the opportunity behind the American freedom, while embracing India’s global leadership simultaneously.

In the usual norm where being a minority may not serve as the most prestigious title, being an Indian minority in the United States of America not only serves as a catalyst for success but also a recipe for strong grounding.

India is currently tantalizing the world in many dimensions- a worthy contender in sports, politics, science, education, commerce and innovation. Having an Indian identity is quite an honor- where people’s expectations of you become high and demanding. While India is climbing the global stairway ardently, it gets me to think how I, as an Indian American, will contribute to the Indian global recognition while adding an American flavor.

India has its historical richness, with its successes in politics, business, arts, religions, economic prosperity; despite Indian challenges on population excesses, diversity of thinking and multi cultural aspirations. India shines because of the fundamentals of cultural greatness which lie in Indian morality and discipline—seen through acts of non violence, tolerance, piety, religious outlook, belief in karma, aspirations for success and respect for the elders. Indian success lasts because of the strong familial connection and commitment of the elders to youth and their achievement. While India has its already strong moral backbone, it concurrently seeks globalization with an ever-prepared attitude for growth in emerging fields and a quest to mimic western cultural greatness, and this balance propelled India for victory in the new era.

As an Indian American, I assume moral responsibility of bringing balance to Indian thinking and aspirations. For that, my task at hand is to connect American societies- change perspective on India, and connect Indians through the self confidence to believing in themselves and cashing on old principles and glories. The key philosophy is to think global but act locally, and this thinking should be brought to India.

For that, immediate solutions should be to apply foreign successes to Indian problems such as over population, environment awareness, self discipline, hygiene, and lack of sensitivity to other cultures. We should help break the stereotypical actions which falsely lead us Indians to close our eyes and follow- where the American way is to embrace the odds and follow our dreams. Fusing American dreams with Indian aspirations will free us from limiting and containing ourselves to certain professions and industries.

As Indians, we have the duty and moral obligation to play an active role in fighting child labor, anti-women growth, child abduction, women abuse and many such ill occurrences. We should resist the goal towards material wealth possession instead gather wealth in harmonious living compatible with nature- which include less consumption, organic farming, water harvest/recycling etc. It’s important for us to resist the love for affluence and consumption, and rather grow love in reaching out and bring balance to this world. We can actively help develop responsible citizens, through partnership and collaboration in higher education, and bring a stepping stone to our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world.

To bring my words to action, and walk the talk, I for my part, will be committing myself to the rural and semi-urban development by engaging in civic engagement activities. Rural and semi-urban healthcare issues- especially women and childcare health are under peril- and are indirectly impeding the growth of the Indian national economy because India still depends on the rural development. For that, I wish to be an activist. Just as America is actively democratizing the world by putting boots on the ground, synonymously, we must make the commitment to become the foot-soldiers. In my case, as a pre-health professional, I must become a foot soldier, step into the heart of India, and make first hand change in healthcare opportunities. We want stethoscopes and gloves on every rural hut, we must attend to every man, woman or child in need of our service. We should share the joy and pain that every human feels and actively shape the well-being of our world.

We are the privileged ones, we have tasted of our success, and now it’s time to break the barrier and give back to the community and the only effective way is to spend at least 10% of our professional time and help the rural population. We must not just visit the urban elite, but step deeper in and aid the rural commoner—where the heart of India lies.

Although I as an Indian American have been raised in America, I still share an Indian lineage and the welfare and growth of India should equally be my concern as is America’s welfare and growth. In that thinking, we as Indian Americans get a unique gift to spread America’s freedom to dream and innovate to our India and its aspirations.

I have dreamed of the day where the entire world is fed, clothed, cared for and is healthy- and now I will make my first step in making that dream a reality. Who is with me?

After all, we are one world; not all that separated.

– Surely, Sherley

Copyright © Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley and/or SurelySherley), 2014.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is causing a decline in health care spending growth: True or False?

Picture retrieved from: http://news92fm.com/366805/more-delays-possible-for-obamacare/
[BORROWED IMAGE] Picture retrieved from: http://news92fm.com/366805/more-delays-possible-for-obamacare/
According to the White House, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed during a time of great growth in spending on health care in the United States; while majority of that spending was towards new treatments and improvement in overall well being and health, the system also was affected by disorganization, and high costs and the declining quality of care for patients (1). The White House states, “a key goal of the ACA was to begin wringing these inefficiencies out of the health care system, simultaneously reducing the growth of health care spending—and its burden on families, employers, and state and federal budgets—while increasing the quality of the care delivered (1).”

While the White House document suggests that 1) spending on health care is at an all time low, 2) inflation in the price of health care is low, 3) and the low spending on health care recently has benefited the Federal budget future outlook, it is still unclear if the ACA is directly responsible for the decrease in spending on growth (1). Although enough evidence is not yet present to correlate this spending decline to the ACA, one of the evidences out of a few that could credit this spending decline to the ACA is that: “ACA provisions that reduce Medicare over payment to private insurers and medical providers are contributing to the recent slow growth in health care prices and spending. In addition, ACA reforms that aim to improve the quality of care are reducing hospital readmission rates and increasing provider participation in payment models designed to promote high-quality, integrated care (1).”

In my opinion, I believe that the ACA played a significant role in the decline of health care spending. The ACA collectively addressed many of the weakness that affected our health care system, and is currently working to fix those gaps. As in any large problem, it takes time to fully address the issue, fix the problems and sustain the success. More research and time would be needed to evaluate ACA’s true role in the deceleration of health care spending in the U.S., and it is definitely something I would be interested in knowing. Accordingly, I do believe the claim held by some administration officials that the ACA is responsible for the recent deceleration in the health care spending growth is justified, as explained above.


  1. TRENDS IN HEALTH CARE COST GROWTH AND THE ROLE OF THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. (2013, November). Retrieved from White House Government website: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/healthcostreport_final_noembargo_v2.pdf?elq=75c63bc1676c46258da63f1ad018de63&elqCampaignId=5282
Copyright © Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley and/or SurelySherley), 2014.