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This is the official author website for writer and poet Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley).

She is the creator and author of the writing brands:
Ninnu Kori Poetry and The Shiddha 

On this site, you’ll find information on:

  • the upcoming launch of her debut book, in the poetry genre, from The Shiddha writing brand, co-authored with fellow writer and poet, Kavina Gopal Koorana, the creator and author of The Hopeless Nomad.
  • information and links to the Ninnu Kori Poetry and The Shiddha websites
  • and, author contact

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Please Note: All works of the Ninnu Kori Poetry, The Shiddha, and Surely,Sherley brands are © Sherley J. Edinbarough, 2012-2020. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of all material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. All Rights Reserved.

What People Say

“Sherley’s poetry is raw, yet finesse. Every word resonates with what I feel inside, which even as a fellow poet, cannot express as powerfully as her. Her poetry soothes the Soul.” 

– Kavina G. Koorana

“I have always loved words by Sherley, simply because they always seem to come from an honest place and touch some corner in you. Wishing her all the very best and love.”

– Mrinalini Singh

“A truly compelling writer, reading words from both, Ninnu Kori Poetry, and The Shiddha leaves one completely mesmerized, as poetry and prose should.”

– C. Lighthouse

“The author is one of the amazingly talented and knowledgeable souls that I got to know through Instagram. It might look cheesy but I can’t help it. Once you start reading these life like pieces from her work, you will find yourself in it… you will find things most of us can relate too. It’s like journey of night and day where you feel the pain and it guides you towards light too. So well-crafted elements in words to feel the emotions and intensity. It’s not just a collection of poetry, but an experience for readers.”

– Vijay Verma

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