A Poem tributing a Mother’s love- “Truth”

All mothers deserve to be acknowledged every day of the year. A mother’s love is a true blessing which lasts forever and nothing is more valuable than a mother’s love for her children, and no relationship can ever be as innate or profound. Although Mother’s Day was several days back, there really shouldn’t be only one day of the year for us to acknowledge and make our Mothers feel appreciated, so I thought I could write her a poem today; an ordinary Friday. I can’t begin thanking the good Lord enough for blessing me with such a sweet, thoughtful, creative, hardworking, and loving mother. I also pray to our Lord to grant her a long, peaceful, and happy life. One of the greatest joys in my life is having her as my mother and my treasured friend. So, here’s to you, Amma.

Copyright © Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley and/or SurelySherley), 2014.
Pictured, my Mother and I, almost 20 years ago, enjoying the cool, morning dews on the terrace, of rainy and green Pollachi, Tamilnadu, India. Copyright © Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley and/or SurelySherley), 2014.

It has never been more profound,

A life time of “truth” I have found.

Our relationship is a very special bond,

Which can never be like a dry pond.

You are so much to me, mother,

The “truth” of my love for you is like no other.

You are a person I will always treasure,

Throughout my life, now, and forever.

You guided me like a light,

And inspired me to read and write.

Without God’s help we can never be wise,

Our inner “truth” needs to be pious and nice.

I do not know what I would do,

If in my life I have never seen you.

Let us not forget the “truth” of the love we share,

About each other, as we family we care.

Sometimes we would argue and shout at each other,

But most of the time we would get along with each other.

Some things keep changing and some stay the same,

But the “truth” of our love will remain an ever-glowing flame.

– Surely, Sherley

Thanks for visiting! Cheers!

Copyright © Sherley J. Edinbarough (Surely, Sherley and/or SurelySherley), 2014.

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