India’s Health Crisis: UNICEF’s “Poo2Loo” Campaign

What a catchy music video!

According to Time magazine, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) approached a major public health problem that India faces, defecation in public, with a focused campaign (1). This campaign, in the form of videos, public announcements, and online games is designed to target the serious issue of over 620 million people defecating in public (1). This informal yet catchy campaign “Poo2Loo” aims to raise awareness of preventable health issues resulting from microbial contamination of drinking water from improper waste disposal- in the form of public defecation (1). UNICEF’s Poo2Loo campaign, although relaxed, has instigated India to think about the negative effects behind public defecation.

It is unclear if the targeted 620 million individuals in practice of public defecation will have access to televisions, computers, and the internet to be aware of this campaign, let alone understand its implications. But perhaps a combination of UNICEF’s campaign along with Indian government sanctioned public announcements, and designs for waste management systems and implementation would result in an effective solution toward the problem.

While I agree that awareness campaigns designed to encourage individuals to use a proper waste disposal facility is a start, I think the lack of community-wide public waste systems and access to toilets is also something that needs to be addressed.

I hope the campaign instills in the targeted population, India’s community leaders, and the general population that if the prevalent habit of public defecation continues then the exposure to infectious, life-threatening diseases will continue to be upon the population.

It is a responsibility carried not only by the individual but by the Indian government, so here’s to hoping this campaign prompts for a change toward the good. Take the Poo to the Loo!

For more information about UNICEF’s “Poo2Loo” campaign, please click:  UNICEF’s Poo2Loo Campaign


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